Friday, May 31, 2013

My Month in Photos: May 2013

I spent all of May and June 2013 traveling around Europe in between classes for my study abroad program. I did create a travel blog called EuroScoop which includes photo blogs and some travel tips I've learned along the way (go check it out if you're traveling to London, Spain, France, or Italy soon!)

Without further adieu here is a photo journal of my trips from May -- I wish I could upload all my photos, but that would take a lifetime! I hope you enjoy them.

My journey began in Alicante, Spain:

From Alicante, I took the over night bus to Sevilla (which led to me taking part in my first siesta later that day)

Then I flew to Barcelona:

And popped over to Bilbao:

Next I spent a few days in London (which is where I studied): 

From there, I spent a few days at a friend's in Luxembourg:

I took a day trip by train from Lux to Trier, Germany:

And then I went back to London for more classes. That covers the cities I visited in May!  I'll post another "My Month in Photos" for June in July!

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Travel Update

Hello all! 

I am half way through my journey around Europe, currently staying in London until I've finished classes. I leave soon for Italy and hope the weather will be nice enough to do some serious exploring! 

I've posted Photo Blogs on EuroScoop, where you can see a few of my photos from Spain (links below):

I look forward to sharing the rest of my trip with you all! More photo blogs are coming soon to EuroScoop, including London, Luxembourg, and Trier! 

<3 Danielle 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Beauty Scoop: Blow Dryer Dry Off


Conair Photo Credit:
In today's blog, I'm going to compare the Infiniti Pro by Conair and the Flash Dry by Goody Heat. Both dryers have three heat settings and two air speeds. They are excellent dryers, but definitely perform in different ways. Keep reading for my experience with each dryer.

Infiniti Pro by Conair

This is absolutely my favorite dryer for styling. It has noticeably different heat settings, so the hot gets really hot and the cold gets really cold. Couple that with the super powerful blast and your hair dries quickly, and styles easily. As a side note, I do prefer the buttons on this dryer.

However, since the warm setting is still pretty hot, I've noticed that my hair feels dryer and more damaged if I use this everyday. Definitely use a moisturizing heat protectant with this dryer. The first time I bought this dryer was four years ago. I have replaced it twice since then, but that has been my experience with most dryers.

Goody Photo Credit:

Flash Dry by Goody Heat

I bought this dryer about a year ago. I really like to use this dryer for everyday drying. My hair seems much healthier and shinier with this dryer.  Since it does not get as hot or blast as strongly as the Conair, I don't recommend this dryer for serious styling. However, I love the defuser for this dryer and despite a gentler blow, it still dries my hair rather quickly.

The major drawback for this dryer is that the cold setting doesn't get cold enough, so it makes it impossible to style with. 

So who is the winner? 
You may be surprised, but these days, it is the Flash Dry.  Since I'm trying take better care of my hair, I do not style it with a blow dryer. In fact, I air dry until it is mostly dry, because as many of you know, the longer your hair is, the easier it gets damaged. That is why I prefer the more gentle heat from the Flash Dry.

Overall, both are great dryers, but depending on your hair needs, one may be better suited for you. If you blow out your hair on a regular basis, you'll love the Infitini Pro. If you have curly hair, or dry/damaged hair, the Flash Dry would be a better choice. 

What is your favorite blow dryer? Share the link below! Also, come stop by The Scoop Facebook page and follow me on Twitter!

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Beauty Scoop: Best Eyeliner Ever!

I love eyeliner. It's the best.

I have posted reviews on two pen eyeliners in previous blogs (Almay and CoverGirl), and now I want to present to you my favorite eyeliner ever by Mally: 24/7 Professional Eye Lining System.

Now to be fair, I've only tried this kit in "crisp black" so I can't attest to how pigmented the other six colors are, but assuming they all have the same formulation, then they are probably of equal quality. I've actually been meaning to pick up "best brown".

I love the lasting power of this liner. To apply, you first draw on the liner with the pencil, and then set it with the white powder using the fatter side of the applicator. Then I use an angled brush (like you would for eyebrows) and set the eyeliner with the black powder. If you apply it this way, it will stay put ALL day, or all night if you're going out.

I also love how deeply pigmented this liner is and the formula is just so much better than the drug store pencil liners I've tried. It goes on smooth and the powder sets it so it doesn't slide or slip. The powder is the perfect black which definitely adds the most value to this product. This kits runs for $25, which I think is a pretty good deal considering you get a pencil, two powders, and an applicator. While I prefer my angled brush, the applicator sponges are also very user friendly.

I've used this kit for years and it remains my favorite pencil liner. What is your favorite eyeliner? Share it below!

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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Euro Scoop

Hi everyone! If you have been following my other blog, Euro Scoop, then you may know that tonight is the night I leave for Europe! I will be traveling through Europe for two months and return to San Francisco at the end of June. To follow my journey you can subscribe by email or bookmark Euro Scoop in your browser. I will still stick to my normal schedule of posting every week on The Scoop, so stay tuned!

You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook for travel updates. 

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