Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beauty Scoop: Dermalogica Oily Skin kit Review

I'm just going to jump right in and say I was deeply disappointed with this line. If you were thinking of trying this, you're going to be depressed (or relieved you didn't risk the $) after reading this. I had high hopes for it and I probably expected way too much from this kit. Now I really wish I would have just saved my money for Pangea. Thank goodness I got the trial sizes and not the full sizes or I would have been out more than $40.
From left to right: Dermal Clay Cleanser,
Multi-Active Toner, Oil Control Lotion,
Skin Prep Scrub, Climate Control Lip Treatment

It comes in this zipper mesh bag (which I actually really like, haha, I've been using it to hold my everyday make-up in). It also came with two packet samples of the Soothing Eye Make Up Remover and the Skin Refining Mask--both of which did not have nearly enough for me to do a review on.

Here is the order I used these products:

The Dermal Clay Cleanser (1.7 oz*) is a kaolin clay cleanser and I thought it would really lift impurities from my skin (see my post on KAOLIN CLAY MASKS). It's supposed to sooth and revitalize skin. Instead it really didn't feel like it did much of anything. It left a bit of a grimy feel on my face, which the Skin Prep Scrub took off in the next step.

Skin Prep Scrub (0.75 oz*): WOW was I disappointed when I saw how tiny this was.  This is probably the best product of the bunch. It really did leave my skin quite smooth, but I don't think it's much better than my St. Ives scrub, no harsh chemicals and under $2, or Philosophy's Microdelivery ($15 for 4 oz) which I also really like, but is too expensive for me to replace constantly. I just don't think the Skin Prep Scrub is the perfect scrub for oily skin, but this is really the only product from the kit I may consider purchasing in the future.

After I pat my face dry, I moved on to the next step and used the Multi-Active Toner (1.7 oz*). I tried using this several ways: by spraying it on my face, rubbing it in, spraying it on my hands and rubbing it on my face, applying it with cotton swab to my face, spraying it on my face and not rubbing it in, etc. I really tried to give this a fair shot because I think toners are one of the more important steps in oil control. Unfortunately I really did NOT like this toner. It left a weird residue on my face and made my skin feel dirty.

Once my face air dried from the toner, I applied the Oil Control Lotion (0.75 oz*), the most disappointing product of all. Even the first time I tried this and my face felt gross and dirty, I was still excited about it because it seemed to hydrate and stop oil at the same time. However, an hour or so after applying it, my skin seemed even more oily than normal.  It didn't work any better than a primer in that aspect and at least a primer allows my makeup to go on over an even base. On top of that, I could feel it sitting on my skin (and let me tell you, barely any is needed to cover the entire face).

I was really hoping this kit would work out. I used this day and night hoping that maybe time made it more effective. It didn't. If you tried this kit and did something different that made it work wonderfully, please e-mail me what you did because I just can't get over how much this kit did not work.

I got this kit a month ago and I used it regularly for four weeks. In retrospect, I should have given up on it after the first week because then I wouldn't have had to deal with the breakouts and overly oily skin that resulted from it. I feel like I researched this really well before I tried it and there were tons of positive reviews. I'm not here to call the other reviewers liars, but I will say that this just shows how products work very differently for different people.

I will mention that I really liked the Climate Control Lip Treatment (0.75 oz -- a fancy name for lip balm) and use it everyday. It works really well over lipstick to give it a nice sheen, but not as glossy as a lip gloss. It is super hydrating, but it does require constant reapplying. I'm pretty sure this comes in all of their kits, but on it's own it is $8.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my rant.

* Oz for trial sizes, not for full size products.


  1. I am always on the look out for a good skin care line suited for oily skin, and was tempted to try Dermalogica. I'm glad I didn't because I invested in Origins instead, and I have seen a big change since doing that. I've recently started trying out some new products from other lines... if you find any products from Pangea that works amazingly well, please do post on it! :-)

  2. Hey @Mandy
    Glad I can help. I'll definitely review Pangea when I've had it for a month or so. I placed my order so I should get them in the next few days!
    I really want to try Orgins Brightening Serum. That is the next line on my list if this one doesn't work out. I'm glad you like Orgins, that will make me feel better about giving them a try.

  3. Thank you for this review. I have pretty oily skin and saw this kit at Ulta over the weekend. I wasn't willing to pick it up until I had done some research and your review seems to be the best I've found. I've been using the Origins Zero Oil line for about a year and a half and it has made quite a difference but hasn't completely prevented mid-day shine.

    1. Hi Art -- I do like the Origins line and have a couple of their products. For now, my favorite products for oily skin include the Lush spray toner, a Retin-a cream, and a deep moisturizer from The Body Shop. I use ProActiv's spot treatment for breakouts. I do all of this at night, and in the morning I splash a little bit of warm water on my face. I found that only washing my face at night has really help with oil control and my skin tends to react a lot better over all.


  4. I Love this kit I use it with my Olay prox Cleansing system &it helps to remove everything your fingers just can't do a better job than this that's why u weren't getting the results u wanted

    1. Hey Coreyona, thanks for the advice! I've been using the Prosonic Cleansing system and find that a lot of products I didn't like before work better now. May be I'll give this kit another try in the future.